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Selection Of The Position Of The Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

The installation location of the cooler can relate to the air Supply air volume and the fresh degree. How do we choose to install a cooler? I do not know whether you have to understand, if you have not known friends, but with the author to look up! Only a clear understanding of the cooler can better use it.

For the cooler installation we should be installed outdoors to ensure that the fresh air is back in operation. If the condition permits, the host can be installed as far as possible in the ambient air quality is better. Avoid installing in the exhaust vents of smelly or odor gases, such as polished, toilets, kitchens, etc.

Air cooler can be mounted on walls, roof or outdoor floors, should avoid excessive duct. The general length of 15-20 meters is the best, and minimize the elbow or without elbow.

Air Cooler main engine, to open a certain area of the door or window, so that ventilation, if there are not enough doors and windows, should be fitted with exhaust fan, and to ensure that the exhaust air is the total airflow to 80%.

The air cooler host bracket needs the steel structure welding, and asks its structure to support the whole body and the maintenance personnel weight twice times.