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Precautions For Air Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

If it takes a long time to transport, we should need to do some protective measures to prevent the product from reaching the client side badly. We should protect the air cooler outside the packaging, and put it vertically in place, not to be weighed down. The porter should be lightly moved to handle the product and avoid damage. We should inspect the machine before the product is installed. The bearings are more lubricating oil. We should have the machine on the machine leaf, shutters and other cabin dust, but also pay attention to the cooler voltage. The power of the cooler is required to conform to the above specification of the cooler when used, and a deviation part of the voltage can exceed 10 of the rated voltage. When the cold air blower stops working, our department can use external forces to open the blinds. This is to prevent a shutter of a dense fit.

In general, the air cooler is not packaged, in the special transport environment needs good packaging, to prevent the product in the process of transport bad damage