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Maintenance And Repair Of Air Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

How to maximize the efficiency of the air cooler? How to be more efficient, safe and economical? The maintenance of this cooler is indispensable for an important task. Interested friends can come to know.

Cold air blower system for a period of time after the filter online will accumulate dust, increase the airflow resistance air conditioning indoor water leakage, resulting in decreased volume or plugging the death, so need to clean up periodically.

Long run, because of wires, components, heating and other reasons will cause joints loose, off second-hand air-conditioning, resulting in poor contact, lack of phase, need to be periodically inspected and processed.

Accidents arising from malfunction of protection devices such as flow switches, high-voltage switches and safety valves, if found, should be replaced promptly.

Note: The cold air blower in repair, must shut down the power, it is best to cut off the power after a period of time, because the use of a long time will produce electrostatic, electricity after the power will not disappear immediately, so ensure safety and overhaul.