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Installation Requirements For Air Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

1, the air duct surface should be smooth, no damage; take over reasonable, the air duct connection and the air duct and the equipment or the regulating device connection, no apparent defect;

2, the tuyere surface should be flat, color consistent, the installation position is correct, the tuyere adjustable parts should be able to normal movements;

3, the production and installation of various regulating devices should be firmly, flexible, easy to operate. Fire prevention and exhaust valves, such as close tight, reliable action;

4, the refrigeration and water piping system pipes, valves and instrumentation installed position correctly, the system has no leakage;

5, duct, parts and piping of the branch, the type of hanger, position and spacing should conform to the requirements of this specification;

6. The soft nozzle position of the duct and the duct shall conform to the design requirements, take over the correct, firm and natural without strong torsion;

7, Air cooler, water pump, fan coil unit installation should be correct and firmly;

8, the combination of air conditioning unit appearance smooth, tight seams, the assembly sequence is correct, water spray outdoor surface without leakage;

9, dust Collector, cleaning room installation should be firmly, tight interface;

10, the muffler installation direction is correct, the outer surface should be flat without damage;

11, duct, parts, piping and stent paint should adhere firmly, uniform thickness of the film, paint color and logo in line with the design requirements;

12, the insulation material, thickness should conform to the design requirements; surface roughness, no rupture and peeling off; outdoor moisture-proof layer or protective shells should be lap-up, no leakage;

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