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Improvement Of Cooling Effect Of Cooler And Application Of Cold Storage
Apr 11, 2017

How to make use of cryogenic water cooler to improve cooling effect of cooler? And, the cooler in cold storage, what is the principle? What constitutes it? These questions are about the cooler, but also the front is not yet? So below, to give a concrete answer, so that you know and clear.

1. How to use the cryogenic water chiller to improve the cooling effect of the cooler?

Air cooler, which is generally installed in the outdoor, but if the outdoor temperature is very high, then, it may affect its cooling effect, serious words, will also affect its normal work. Therefore, it is possible to solve this problem effectively through cryogenic water cooler. So, below, explain how to solve it.

On the connection of the cooler and the cryogenic chiller, the outlet of the cooler is to be. Through the water inlet pipe and the cooling storage tank inlet connection, and the cooling water tank outlet, is through the refrigeration pump, to connect the low temperature chiller water intake, and the low temperature water chiller outlet, is through the intake pipe, connecting the air cooler inlet. In this way, the operation of cryogenic chillers can be achieved through a small amount of circulating water.

2. Cold air blower In cold storage, what is the principle? What constitutes it?

Cooler in cold storage, it can be called air Cooler, which is composed of axial-flow fans, and cooling pipes and so on. Its principle is through the blower, forcing the air flow, and through the cooling pipes for heat exchange, thereby, to carry out air cooling, so that can reduce the temperature of cold storage of this effect and purpose.