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Development History Of Air Cooler In China
Apr 11, 2017

Although China's cold air blower market is very good, but compared to other countries, China's air cooler market development is still lagging behind. In particular, many years ago, whether in the design of the air cooler structure, or sales situation, the gap is very large with other countries. The existence of these gaps makes our market personnel find that change is imminent. So our market personnel did a thorough investigation.

Refrigeration equipment is in great demand in every country. Many years ago China's technology has not reached the world's advanced level, in many respects there is no way to achieve the most precise and accurate. Another aspect, because the refrigeration equipment market in our country demand is large, so the manufacturers abound. But the production level of these manufacturers is uneven, so that cause safety problems occur.

In this many problems have been influencing the cold air blower's reputation for many years, our Beidou company, in the technical excellence, and constantly learn from other countries, finally fundamentally changed the cooler in China's status of refrigeration market. Our country's air cooler market is finally gradually in line with international standards.