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Cooling Principle Of Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

Air Cooler (Evaporative air conditioner) Cooling principle is: When the wind turbine enters the cavity to produce negative pressure, so that the outside of the airflow through the porous wet curtain surface forced the air drying temperature of the curtain to close to the air of the wet ball temperature, that is, the air cooler outlet dry ball temperature is 5-12 ℃ lower than the outdoor dry bulb temperature (up to 15 ℃ in dry hot area), the dry heat, the greater the temperature, the better the cooling effect. Since the air is always imported indoors, (this is called the positive pressure system) so it can keep the indoor air fresh, and because the machine uses the evaporation cooling principle, therefore, the dual function of cooling and humidification (relative humidity can up to 75%%), in the textile, knitting and other workshops, not only can improve the use of cooling and humidification conditions, but also can purify the air, reduce the needle spinning process of wire breaking rate, improve the quality of the needle textile products. Air Cooler (evaporative air-conditioning) around the use of special materials of the honeycomb wet curtain, with a very large surface area, through the water cycle to the wet curtain constantly humidification; in the wet curtain air cooler equipped with high-efficiency low-noise energy-saving fans, when the wind turbines, the wet curtain air cooler produces negative pressure, so that the outside of the airflow through the porous wet curtain into the machine, due to the evaporation of water in the wet curtain absorbs heat, forcing the integration of the air cooling by the wet curtain. At the same time, because of the water flowing through the wet curtain to evaporate the air, increasing the humidity of the air, so the wet curtain cooler has the dual function of cooling and humidification.