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Brief Introduction Of Air Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

Cold air blower, divided into refrigeration industry air cooler and home cooler, industrial cooler is commonly used in cold storage, cooling chain logistics refrigeration environment, the household is also called water-cooled air-conditioning, is a set of cooling, ventilation, dustproof, in addition to the flavor of an evaporative cooling ventilation unit.

In addition to the air cooler can let the enterprise workshop, public places, commercial entertainment occasions to bring fresh and lower temperatures, there is an important feature----energy saving, environmental protection! It is a new non-compressor, non-refrigerant, non-copper-tube environmentally friendly products, the main components of the core-----evaporation wet curtain (multi-layer corrugated fiber laminated material) and 1.1KW main motor/is the traditional central air-conditioning power consumption of 1/8, can be more realistic for the industry to save electricity.

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