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Advantages Of Universal Use Of Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

Air cooler as a refrigeration equipment for cooling ventilation, in the Enterprise workshop is widely used, now the use of the field gradually expanded to the greenhouse cooling, some public ventilation use, some small type of household air cooler suitable for summer and autumn season home refrigeration ventilation use, below to understand the cooler in the refrigeration industry advantages.

1, low power consumption, in unit time the power consumption of the air cooler only one-fifth of the traditional air-conditioning, greatly saves the operating cost of the Enterprise factory;

2, through the wet curtain to heat exchanger refrigeration, do not need freon most refrigeration medium, in the use of safe and environmentally friendly;

3, refrigeration speed cooling effect significantly, in relatively humid areas can reach 5-10 degrees Celsius cooling effect, in the northern hot dry areas can reach 10-18 degrees Celsius temperature effect;

4, air cooler not only cooling, but also can carry out indoor ventilation, the air for a long time to keep clean and dry, will not produce the traditional air-conditioning air-conditioning disease, no harm to the body blowing sense;

5, in the operation of the vibration amplitude low noise, large air volume, suitable for large-scale workshop cooling use;

6, the operating interface of the cooler is displayed by LCD, with the function of timing switch machine.