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Trouble shooting of Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

Often the air cooler after a period of time will find that the wet curtain is still not completely wet, when this happens to see if the cooling air cooler is stationary, if the placement of angle deviation can cause spray water can not completely soak the wet curtain, the placement of equipment to rectify or use other objects to pad the equipment deviation, in addition to see whether the device is plugged in the situation or whether the nozzle is skewed, to timely maintenance dredge.

The icon blinks in the control panel of the device in use, generally due to low water level, need to see whether the water disc inlet valve is closed or blocked, see whether the factory water, but also to see whether there is leakage in the disc, in addition to the above situation, but also to the level probe and Control Panel inspection.

Leaks in the air cooler run, when the drain valve or overflow outlet, indicates that the water level is too high, the need to shut down small or temporarily shut down the water valve, if it is from the side plate of the air cooler water, first of all to inspect the surface of the wet curtain impurities, second to see whether the device is installed horizontally.

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