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Three solutions to water quality of cooler
Apr 11, 2017

If the water quality of the local water is not suitable for the use of the underground wet curtain air cooler, the corresponding technical measures can be taken to meet the requirements, the common solution to the following are several: 1, in addition to sand and sedimentation tanks when the water content of high sediment, can be installed in the water supply pipeline with a swirl of sand remover, reducing the sediment content in the water. If the area of the project site is larger, the sediment pond can be constructed. Sedimentation tank In addition to the cost of sand is lower than the removal, but the area is big! 2, water filter Some water pollution ratio is larger, you can install water filters to prevent the surface of heat exchanger dirt! 3, high-quality heat exchanger because of the majority of groundwater salinity and hardness is relatively high, so the choice of material excellent heat exchanger, when the water source salinity for 350~500mg/L, can install stainless steel plate heat exchanger. When the salinity of water is greater than 500mg/L, the corrosion-resisting titanium plate heat exchanger or volumetric heat exchanger should be added in the system.

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