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The core advantages of the cooler
Apr 11, 2017

Air cooler is in the air-conditioning and fan between a new type of refrigeration equipment, air cooler than the traditional air-conditioning refrigeration temperature is low, but than the cooling of the fan, blowing out of the wind will not cause harm to the human body, make people feel very cool.

The cooler is to absorb heat through water evaporation, which absorbs the heat in the air when the water is converted from liquid to gaseous, and then reduces the indoor air temperature.

Cooler than air-conditioning and fans of the advantages of high, the focus is on the installation of the equipment to cool the wet curtain. Outdoor air enters into the cooler, through the water circulating wet curtain, the water in the wet curtain absorbs outdoor air heat into the evaporation process, and then cools the air through the duct into the indoor room. The air passes through the wet curtain will be mixed with a certain proportion of water vapor enters indoors, enhances indoor air humidity, not only will exhaust the indoor dirty air out, but also can greatly improve the indoor air freshness.

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