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Selection of cold air cooler for medical cold storage
Apr 11, 2017

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the issues of food safety and health care. Mention of medical care, in addition to the high cost of medical care worthy of concern, and medical security is not to be ignored. such as the quality of the medicament, and this related medical cold storage construction problem, again into the people's vision.

Medical cold storage due to temperature requirements are divided into the following categories: Cuvin Koethan commonly used in vaccines, storage vaccine, medicament, etc. the library temperature 2 8℃ is commonly used in drug storehouse, storing medicines, biological products, etc. Library Temperature 5 ± 1 ℃ commonly used in blood storage, storing blood (whole blood), pharmaceutical products, etc. Cuvin -20~-30 ℃ generally used in low temperature insulation library, preservation of vaccines, reagents, plasma, biological materials, etc. Cuvin -30~-80 ℃ can be used to save the library, mainly in the preservation of plasma, stem cells , embryo, bone marrow, semen, biological samples, etc.

Medical refrigeration equipment, such as cold storage doors, cooler, condensers and other related refrigerating equipment to be strictly selected to prevent the operation of the overall cold storage, causing serious consequences.

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