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Optimizing the frost of cold air blower
Apr 11, 2017

To defrost the cold air blower can be through the electro-frost or hydration cream, after the completion of the frost can increase the time of dripping water, after the completion of the water in the cold air blower motor.

The high efficiency air cooler requires a very good heat transfer coefficient, which has a comparatively high refrigeration effect in the same refrigeration area. At the same time, the air flow resistance is small, can greatly improve the evaporation temperature of the equipment, reduce the power consumption of the cooler; In addition to calculate the equipment needed for the wind and frost components of the air volume structure, reduce the cooling fan in the process of the power dissipation.

According to different working conditions and equipment capacity, ensure that the equipment can be distributed evenly when working, according to cold storage area, installation environment and objects needing cooling, the design of different fin structure improves heat transfer coefficient; the existing riser process is improved to reduce the direct contact surface of the finned tubes, and the heat transfer coefficient of fin tube is strengthened; the cooler can be used in the frost time when the energy consumption is larger, the heating element may be optimized for replacement, and the reasonable distribution of the parts in the heat exchanger in the security position, Reduce the energy dissipation of frost.

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