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Introduction of the characteristics of industrial air cooler
Apr 11, 2017

We are using the industrial air cooler, the choice of industrial air cooler is because its characteristics can bring us a lot of convenience, so what is the industrial air cooler in the end?

1, fully environmentally friendly products: it is no compressor, no cold coal, non-polluting environmentally friendly products, it is the use of outdoor full of fresh air evaporation cooling principle and indoor ventilation to achieve the purpose of cooling indoor air.

2, low operating cost: can quickly recover investment: compared with the traditional air compressor series, the power consumption is only its 1/8-1/10.

3, the cooling effect is obvious: in the more humid areas (such as the South), generally can reach 5-9 ℃ and around the obvious cooling effect; in particularly hot dry areas (such as the North, northwest), the cooling range can reach about 10-15 ℃.

4, the investment cost is low, does not occupy the area: compared with the traditional compressor air-conditioning system, the cost is less than half, and the equipment does not occupy any building area.

5, to keep the indoor air clean, clean, sanitary: open doors and windows exhaust air is an evaporative air-conditioning, a hundred percent fresh air replacement way to make people at the time of the nature of the environment, the dirty air completely discharged outdoor, completely without the traditional air-conditioning caused by the discomfort.

6, easy to maintain installation: The system is simple, easy to install, maintenance, without professional maintenance personnel.

7, prevent the air drying: it can moist skin, and the skin has certain advantages.

8, low noise, small vibration: At present in the domestic similar products in the air conditioner in the low noise, can let us unconsciously get fresh and natural cool breeze; The body itself does not heat the periphery.

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