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How to save the cooler
Apr 11, 2017

In order to ensure the energy-saving effect of ventilation and refrigeration engineering, energy-saving design will be used in general design, and some energy-saving equipment and the necessary control valves and meters are set up in the design. But because these measures will increase the cost of the project more or less, so in the actual construction, some construction units or construction units in order to save cost, will change the system of the standard, the energy-saving design changes to the general design, or the energy-saving equipment and automatic control valves to replace the energy-saving equipment and manual valves, resulting in the system will not be able to achieve energy-saving operation in the future,

In order to save the energy consumption of ventilation and refrigeration system, many experts and scholars have put forward many suggestions and measures from the design aspect in recent years. Improving the design level of ventilation and refrigeration engineering is the main way to reduce the energy consumption of the system, but the loss of energy consumption in the construction and operation management of ventilation and refrigeration engineering can not be neglected, but also to improve the construction quality and operation management level of the ventilation and refrigeration engineering is one of the ways to reduce the energy

Air duct is used in refrigeration system to convey air-conditioning or hot gas pipelines, because of the installation of wind pipe is not tight, the air leakage, resulting in heavy energy loss. At present, the main duct has a metal duct, non-metallic duct and composite air duct. Duct in the production and installation process, due to the lack of quality of the processing and installation of air duct leakage increase, air duct leakage points mainly include: the wind pipe flange connection, the duct bite and the air duct short connection and the Tuyere junction. According to statistics, the average air duct to leak the total amount of the system 10 around, some even reached 40%%, because the leakage of the wind is already handled cold (hot) wind, system in order to ensure cold (hot) load, it is bound to increase the operating time of the cooler, at the same time design in order to compensate for this part of the leakage of the air volume, generally increase the air blower wind and pressure choice, so the impact on energy consumption is quite remarkable.

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