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Comparison of energy consumption of air cooler with central air-conditioner
Apr 11, 2017

The traditional air-conditioning refrigerator operating cost is very high and energy consumption, this is to a certain extent limited procurement quantity, while the cooler has energy-saving, environmental protection and other characteristics, can be in the factory workshop, public places such as ventilation and cooling.

1, the air cooler is mainly through the evaporation of water cooling refrigeration, the distance from the wind, the air volume, can be in some open environment to maintain temperature can be evenly cooled, and before the wind can be used to filter the atmosphere. Can keep the indoor air fresh and fresh, the internal air oxygen content is high. The air-conditioning refrigerator adopts freon refrigeration, the temperature difference is big and the air volume is small, the ventilation ability of the indoor is low, the long time use has the damage to the body.

2, Air cooler life is much higher than the air-conditioning chiller, and the equipment failure rate is low, in the maintenance of the operation simple and convenient. The air cooler investment quota is small, but the refrigeration efficiency of the equipment is high, the power consumption of the running time is much lower than the power consumption of the air-conditioning refrigerator, which reduces the enterprise's capital to the factories.

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