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Cold air blower Test run step
Apr 11, 2017

Cold air blower Before running the equipment around the view, whether there are obstructions affecting the intake of the wind, the water plate to clean up and remove miscellaneous and see whether the waterway pipeline is blocked, see the equipment inside the water pipes there is no signs of loosening, spraying uniformity. Sprinkle 10 minutes before use. Before the device starts to tighten the bolt on the connection, see if the wind turbine and the wind drum are tightly connected, the wind blade in the fan is deformed, or when rotating, the cylinder wall is struck.

Before electrify to the circuit box, the electrical circuit of the insulation to inspect, check whether the line is connected correctly, the insulation protection of each connector is good. Axial fans to run before the wind turbine blade test rotation, to see whether the direction of rotation with the design of the same direction, whether it can smooth running, fan blades and fans have the same sound.

The blower in the refrigerator after freezing 10 hours or more, to see the inside of the frost condition of the equipment, if the thicker frost need to carry out a timely defrost treatment, defrost water temperature can not exceed 25 ℃, lest cause the gas mist in the library, defrost to ensure that indoor ventilation.

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