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Characteristics of Evaporative Cooler
Apr 11, 2017

Evaporative cooler is a new low-energy environment-friendly blower, its working principle is to exchange outdoor air and indoor air to achieve indoor cooling and ventilation effect, while the outdoor air transported by evaporation of the evaporative cooling machine to achieve the goal. The evaporative cooler than the traditional fan, the energy consumption is only 20%, and the efficiency is high, so the operating cost is small.

Evaporative cooler manufacturing costs are low, the traditional fan is generally, and there is no compressor in the equipment, so no need to occupy additional building space, in the southern humid area of cooling effect can reach 8 degrees, in the northern dry areas of the highest temperature can reach 15 degrees. Evaporative fan just solved the air conditioner can not exchange the shortcomings of the atmosphere, and made the cool breeze natural comfort, conducive to indoor people's health. Low noise, low maintenance costs, easy to install, keep the air humidity, the blower itself will not disperse calorific value, further maintain the cooling effect.

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